CSI Leasing Launches Subsidiary in Sweden

December 13, 2022

CSI Leasing, Inc. (CSI), one of the world’s largest independent equipment leasing companies, has expanded its operations in the Nordic market by opening a subsidiary in Sweden. This expansion follows the recent launch of CSI Nordics in September 2021, which has two offices in Oslo and Stavanger, Norway, along with the establishment of CSI Leasing Denmark earlier this month.

CSI now has subsidiaries in 12 European countries and serves customers in more than 50 countries around the world.

The new entity, CSI Nordics AB (“CSI Sweden”), will immediately begin servicing CSI’s existing portfolio of global customers with subsidiaries in the country and will seek new business with companies headquartered there as well.

The new subsidiary, like its sister companies, will offer asset lifecycle management solutions based on sustainable circular economy principles for medium and large, enterprise-level organizations.

“This step reinforces our growth strategy in both Europe and Scandinavia. It will allow us to offer an even more seamless experience to our Nordic and global customers,” said Javier Heredia, senior managing director for Europe.

CSI’s current general manager of CSI Nordics, Kenneth Mitsem, will manage CSI Sweden. Kenneth has more than 20 years of leasing experience. Since joining CSI Leasing in September 2021, Kenneth, along with CSI Nordics co-manager David Rognstad and the entire Norwegian team, have built a track record of success leading the company. CSI Nordics now has more than USD $60 million in leased assets and a rapidly growing pipeline of business.

Kenneth Mitsem, general manager of CSI Nordics